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No two rooms make your home feel more like your own. This is also proven to be where you can add the most value to your home. We aim to provide beautiful craftsmanship with elegant materials, while adding modern technologies that ease the stress of your day.

The Bay Area is a unique place and almost all of its residents could benefit from “engineering” their home. We find that seismic upgrades add the most piece-of-mind and value to one’s home. Foundation bolting, shear walls, positive framing connections, moment frames are all ways that we accomplish this.

Stretching your living experience out to nature adds value to your home and relaxation to your life. Whether capturing a view on your new roof deck or spreading out on the backyard’s custom deck, expanding outdoors provides valuable rewards.

Urban living often puts tight restraints on your living space.  Going up and building into the backyard are the most common ways people add to their home.  We have also “dug down” on a number of homes to add a garage or additional living space below the existing structure.  We keep an eye focused on structural integrity, water intrusion, and period consistency to ensure your addition looks and feels like it was there all along.